Radically Open Security

NLnet Foundation

The foundation "Stichting NLnet" stimulates network research and development in the domain of Internet technology. NLnet foundation promotes the exchange of electronic information and all that is related or beneficial to that purpose.

The history of NLnet goes back to 1982 when a group of Europeans led by former NLnet director and member of the Internet Hall of Fame Teus Hagen announced the European Unix Network (EUnet) which became the first public wide area network in Europe and the place where internet was introduced to Europe. NLnet also pioneered the worlds first dial-in and ISDN infrastructure with full country coverage. In 1997 all commercial activities were sold to UUnet (now Verizon) and since that time NLnet has focussed on supporting the open internet, and the privacy and security of internet users. NLnet's core business is to support independent organizations and people that contribute to an open information society.

NLnet has contributed to many important projects and internet standards, from GSM security, Tor Hidden Services, GNUnet, GPLv3, and DNSSEC to secure real-time communications, NoScript, Unhosted free space optics, Serval project and OpenDocument Format and many many other interesting projects.

NLnet provides microgrants, advice and access to an interesting global network established over three decades. The procedure is fast and open to anyone. NLnet is unique in its open minded funding - it doesn't matter if you are a teacher at an Australian university, a self employed programmer in India, a civil rights group in the USA or a startup founder sitting in her parents' garage. Find out what NLnet can do for you on its website: www.nlnet.nl

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