Radically Open Security

Claudio Guarnieri

Claudio is a hacker and an independent security researcher. In the past he worked as malware analyst and later as a researcher in Rapid7 Labs. He is a core member of The Shadowserver Foundation and of The Honeynet Project.

He's an open source developer and created Cuckoo Sandbox, a prominent malware analysis system, and runs the Malwr.com service. Claudio is also a dedicated advocate for civil rights. He co-authored many of the publications on FinFisher, Hacking Team and other surveillance providers with CitizenLab and sits in the Investment Committee of the Digital Defenders Partnership.

His research on malware and espionage has been covered by the likes of The New York Times, Washington Post, Wired and many more. He presented at security and privacy conferences worldwide, including BlackHat, Hack In The Box and the Chaos Communication Congress.