Radically Open Security

Core Principles

  • No sketchy stuff
    We don't build surveillance systems, hack activists, sell exploits to intelligence agencies, or anything like that. If a job is even remotely morally questionable, then we won't do it.
  • Teach to fish
    During engagements, we will not only share our results with your company, but provide a step-by-step description of how to perform the same audit or procedure without us. We want to demystify what we're doing. It's not rocket science.. and we genuinely want to help your company improve its security posture.. even if it costs us repeat business.
  • Open-Source
    Releasing ALL tools and frameworks we build as open source on our website.
  • IoCs for free
    Releasing ALL collected threat intelligence (Indicators of Compromise) into an open source database that everyone can freely use. (Sanitized in agreement with customers.)
  • Zero days
    We don't sell zero-days.. we responsibly disclose them!